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Warm Up is P.S.1's critically acclaimed music series. It is housed within the architectural installation created by the winner of the annual P.S.1 and MoMA organized Young Architects Program. Together, the music, architecture and exhibition program provide a unique multi-sensory experience.


P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center

22-25 Jackson Ave

Long Island City, NY 11101

718 784 2084

2009: MOS, Afterparty

2008: WORKac, Pablic Farm One

2007: Ball-Nogues, Liquid Sky


2005: Xefirotarch, SUR

2004: nARCHITECTS, Canopy

2003: Tom Wiscombe, LIGHT-WING

2002: William E. Massie, Playa-Urbana/Urban Beach

2001: ROY, subWAVE